News, Updates, and Miscellaneous Stuff


6/10/22 - Videos for Fate and The Circle are up on youtube - View them from Home Page .

7/5/20 - It is with great sorrow that we report our drummer Rich has passed. Memorial will be soon .

8/25/13 - Video for I don't Know just releases on Youtube: Check it out!!.

3/06/10 - We finally put out our first music video for the title track "Home".

Finally published an HD version of our first music video to youtube. So far everyone who has seen it loves it. We have linked it t our main web page for easy viewing.  Check it out and let us know what you think! We are currently working on 2 more videos for "World" and "I don't know". Hope to have both done within the next month so stay tuned!   ....


5/25/07 - Well we have hit top 50 again on American Idol Underground.

Fate is currently #8 in Rock on American Idol underground. This is the second time we charted - last time with Home. It is nice to know people are still Listening and appreciating our music. We have received many compliments and new fans - imagine if our music could be heard throughout the country!. Well we are working on it. Please send us your comments/reviews - Music is nothing if people don't listen to it. Who knows, maybe we will be inspired to write some more tunes soon....

5/25/06 - Remix of Home Again CD is Available for Purchase once again

Home Again is now on sale at CD Baby and available nationally. Click our "Buy CD" link to preview and/or  purchase CD. Make sure you get on our mailing list to keep track of where we are playing next.

5/28/05 - New Web Name

Well as you may have noticed, we finally got the name. After all those years of having to explain the "-" and countless misroutes, it is finally easier to get to us. If you are reading this, you have successfully navigated the change and get an honorary "I'm a computer geek" diploma. If you needed help to get here, we can give you a "computer geek in training" certificate which is accredited at at any major university which has the computer geek program. If you have been sending emails to us and have not been getting replies, NO WE ARE NOT MAD AT YOU!! - its because that has changed also. It is now (see how much easier that is?). Stay tuned as we are remixing our current CD and it will be on sale again soon. Once that is done you are likely to see some new music show up from time to time so check back periodically.

04/25/05 - Mo Green Reunion

   Well after 1 limited practice and a few uncertain moments  we got through a 2 day gig at Ringers with the original crew. It was nice playing some originals for some of our great fans who showed up faithfully. It was a special treat on Friday to have Kelly sitting in for a set and bringing back some of the original venue memories.  On Saturday there was a bigger crowd which seemed to hang around until the very end of the night demanding several encores. It cemented my belief that it doesn't really matter where you play, how big the venue, or what the circumstance - if you can connect with the audience it makes for a memorable experience and makes music a worthwhile endeavor.  Thanks again to everyone who came out.

04/08/05 - Mo Green Reunion Gig is on ...

   No, its not Hell Freezes Over or the anxiously awaited Beatles reunion (for which, by the way,  I have plenty of advance tickets at very reasonable prices). It is however the long awaited (at least 2 weeks longer) Mo Green Reunion at Ringers in Bonsal on April 22/23. Friday should be a special night since all of the band members past and present should be there. Kelly Bowlin (Kelly Bowlin Band)  - one of the original members and co-writer of most of our songs will be joining us for our Original set (3rd set) and so this is the closest to a Mo Green Concert anyone is likely to get anytime soon. If you have one of the original Mo Green Tee shirts, bring it with you and you can have the entire band sign it (for a slight fee we can do it simultaneously if your into that kind of thing). If we buy Kelly enough drinks, we might talk him into giving away some of his New CDs and if we get him really smashed he might fall asleep in the bar and be there for Saturday's show. It should be tons of fun so come out and dance and party the night away. If you miss this it might haunt you for years… er months..well maybe days  O.K, O.K, so you won't be haunted but something bad will happen to someone someday and you may (or may not) be partially to blame and who would want to live with that! In all seriousness, it should be a great couple of nights and we are looking forward to seeing you all there. Come early to get good seats as the place should be pretty crowded.


03/01/05 - Mo Green Does it one more time ...

   I guess 1 year is enough of a layoff - an opportunity has come up for us to reunite for a weekend at Ringers and everyone is excited about getting together and dusting off the cobwebs. We hope to see all our old fans there as this is one of the few chances they will have to hear some of the Originals that have not been played in over 1 year. It may be another year before this happens again and I hear there is a lot of interest so the place should be packed. Just in case you are the suspicious type - THIS IS NOT AN APRIL FOOLS JOKE!!!  Hope to see you all there..


08/29/04 - Al plays with Crosstown at Ringers ...

   Anything worth doing once is worth doing twice... After the good turnout and feedback at Rusty's we have decided to do it again at Ringers in Bonsal. It will be nice to be back out our old haunts where people can dance the night away while staring at the left side of our faces (which as it happens is the best side for every member of this Band!). In honor of the Labor Day weekend, we plan to have 3 women screaming, calling us names, and possibly giving live birth on stage. We are still taking volunteers and current spouses will NOT be eligible for this event ( so please stop practicing at home).So if your not going to be at the River dodging West Nile infected mosquitoes or visiting grandma in Vegas ;-) (what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas), drop by and party the night away.


06/26/04 - Al plays with Crosstown at Rusty's ...

   Well it was nice being out again to see some familiar faces. Al joined 3 members of Crosstown Band for a KGB Radio promotion at Rusty's in Lake Elsinore and a good time was had by all. playing a meld of Mo Green an Crosstown tunes as well as a bunch of new songs, we slowly coerced the crowd out onto the dance floor until finally halfway through the night it was like old times. The crowd was treated to prizes and a competitive round of frozen turkey bowling and some real talent showed up. I am still not sure where they practiced for this event but I would be very hesitant to accept any Thanksgiving invitations from any of them. Thanks to Jed who was nice enough to touch up some of the sound and help on Sympathy for the devil. We had enough fun to consider doing it again sometime this summer. Thanks to Don Grisham for putting the event together for us and helping out on Creedence. stay tuned for more events.


04/17/04 - Mo Green takes a breather....

      In case you have been wondering why the mailers have slowed down lately, various band members are taking a breather to try out different music/projects. This is also a perfect time to start writing some new material!  There is always a possibility that we will take on a show here or there so make sure you get on our mailing list and check our web from time to time. We have also changed our email address to so be sure to update your address book. This change came about because we already have plenty of references for where to get Viagra, which are the best stock picks, and are thoroughly aware of all the hidden talents of our normally quiet barnyard animals. 100 junk mails a day just became too much and sift through to find stuff we really cared to read. Hope to see you all again soon.


01/01/03 - Happy New Year from the Band!

  For those of you who made it to Ringers and actually got in  - what a way to bring in the new year. We had our special guest Gary Dalton from the Dalton Gang sitting in for Mike who could not make  it that night. On only one nights practice he was able to play all night (A major feat in my opinion) and was a great addition to the group. There were times where it took several minutes just to get enough room to make it off the stage. If it weren't for our unexpected 6th band member (Frog), we could have gone into the wee hours - some people  were still coming in at 1 AM!. Anyway, if music is about having fun, it definitely did that. Thanks to the growing number of familiar faces who showed up to bring in the new year with the band. We have had many great comments on our CD - Home Again (which is ever evolving) including some friendly pressure to get more original music out from the people who have already worn out their CDs so my New Years resolution is to get at least 2 or 3 more songs out by summer. Stay Tuned....

  08/27/02 Mo Green gets chosen to play at the prestigious Temecula Valley International Film and Music festival.  We were one of 16 acts to be chosen to perform and compete in the music finals. Our 3 newest songs were entered (Fate, World, And Circle) and we plan to perform all three at this National Competition.  The festival spans 5 days and is complete with a Black Tie night with some notable celebrities attending. It will be loads of fun performing to a large local and national audience. Who knows - maybe the next big act will come out of this competition!! Hope to see our fans on music night (Friday) - Our start time is 10PM.

    For those of you who came out for the Body Graphics/Harley Davidson Celebration - it was really something to see. Harleys as far as they eye could see and a great crowd. Of course us five virgins (not a single tattoo between us) fit right in and have been asked to play at next years party as well. Mike did not get his "MOM" tattoo after all but he sat on a wet newspaper and based on how often we all shower - this will be just as good as a tattoo for him. We will do a little dry run at our next Ringers gig so its a good time for a sneak preview. It will also be the first time we perform "Fate" live. In order to help pull it off, Pat Raymond has graciously accepted our invitation to play Bass so that Jed "I can play any instrument" Davis can play the acoustic rhythm part that we have been missing. 

P.S. Don't forget to check out our Kool Links page. There is some pretty useful stuff on it already. Feel free to e-mail us and let us know if you have any cool links that others may want to see.

     02/27/02        Thanks For those of you who came out to support us at the Coach House! It was a great night with very few empty seats in the house. Everyone I spoke to after the show really enjoyed the music and the crowd response was great. We changed our sound slightly and added Randy Liss on keyboards and it worked out real well. If you were there and didnt get a chance to talk to us, let us know what you thought via our feedback page. Our next gig is at Ringers this Friday and Saturday night. 

    We have been asked back to Pala Casino and will be playing there on Friday  April 5. The room and the sound is always great so we are really looking forward to doing it again. They have very comfortable seating and the food was great. If you haven't been there yet, check it out!